New Zodiac Signs

New Zodiac Signs! What? You mean those zodiacs signs my mama told me were wrong? Yep!

In case you have not heard yet the dates of the zodiac signs have changed and now some of us have new zodiac signs. While this was hard for me to believe and will be probably be hard for most people to believe, it is true although still very controversial. Blame it on the moon. Its gravitational pull has caused the earth to wobble and shift over the years. These designations were believed to be made over 3,000 years ago and as you can guess a lot can change in that amount of time. The constellations are now in different parts of the sky during different months, and to account for this we have to make some adjustments to zodiac signs. So who has new zodiac signs?

According to astronomers the new zodiac signs have moved backwards slightly from the original. So if you originally thought you were just barely in the Gemini range you are probably now a Taurus. Also what caused these changes has not stopped, the universe is still rapidly changing, moons and planets shifting, some of these constellations are larger, some are now smaller, so as years continue to pass so will these signs.

New Zodiac Signs

Dates New Zodiac Signs
January 20th thru February 16th Capricorn
February 16th thru March 11th Aquarius
March 11th thru April 18th Pisces
April 18th thru May 13th Aries
May 13th thru June 21st Taurus
June 21st thru July 20th Gemini
July 20th thru August 10th Cancer
August 10th thru September 16th Leo
September 16th thru October 30th Virgo
October 30th thru November 23rd Libra
November 23rd thru November 29th Scorpio
November 29th to December 17th Ophiuchus
December 17th thru January 20th Sagittarius

Looking through this did you notice anything out of the ordinary? That is right, there was a new zodiac sign added to our list which now puts the list at thirteen. So what does this mean, how many people do you think are out there who believed that they had all of the traits of one sign and truly believed in them only to find out that they never were that sign all along, do you think their attributes changed instantly? Do you think they still follow? I mean Ophiuchus is an actual constellation but was never an actual zodiac sign, how can you just make up a new zodiac sign all of the sudden, what went into that, who makes that kind of decision?

Well as it turns out there are two different beliefs in these system, the western and the eastern beliefs. Western astrology actually follows the seasons which have not changed so their signs have remained the same. However the eastern astrology belief system follows the constellations which have changed and they now believe in the new and different signs.

Also something else to think about is what actually makes up a constellation? Stars right? Burning balls of gas in the sky and as most people know stars, although they do last a very longtime, do not last forever. So what happens when stars in a zodiac constellation burnout? Does that sign disapear and we have to make a new one? This is all very hard to tell but some people argue that we will never have to worry about this because the sun will burn out before these constellations which is also another scary thought.

So as time passes we have a lot of interesting things to look forward to, will the zodiac signs continue to change? Will we continue to add new zodiac signs? People may finally get use to the new signs only to have a whole new set come out, who knows at this point.

So what is your new zodiac signs?


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